Industry Expertise

At Busch International we pride ourselves on being assertive, rapid, extensive and thorough. We follow standard search practices and assist client companies in every way possible to make the interview and selection process efficient and successful. All candidates are screened through personal inteviews and reference checks. An additional dimension to our search is the attention we pay to an individual’s motivation and ability to successfully integrate into the company’s management team. Candidates who meet the requirements and who have the desire will be presented along with their resumes. We consider it a part of our function to arrange meetings, facilitate feedback (to both the company and the candidate) and finally to monitor and assist the hiring process from offer to acceptance and through to the actual date of employment.

We maintain a very large and specific database by individual and company to aid us, with the help of our clients, identify target candidates. In addition to our extensive database our full time research staff contributes valuable raw data that is incorporated into our search process.